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What is Return Materials Authorization (RMA)?

Dear customers and trading partners,

it´s easy to see that we are right in the middle of an extensive adjustment of our warehouse and computer system, in which process we try to get our production and work flows a lot faster and more effective.

For this reason we want to introduce our new system of RMA´s to you:



Please note: The RMA form is not only for guarantee proceedings, but can also be used for normal claims or return of goods to us.

The RMA proceeding:

  • Before you send back the goods, please fill out an RMA form on our website www.ehrle.com at the button „RMA“. 
    After this, you´ll receive an email with exact data of your form and a number, which allows us to proceed your claim in our system and give you an actual state report at any time.
  • Furthermore you´ll receive a package sticker and a delivery note for the return of the goods.
  • Please note: It is necessary to wait for this documents, as it is not possible for us to work with your returned goods otherwise and we will reject any delivery without this documents right away.
  • You can only send back the goods described in the RMA form. If the package contains other articles we will send them back without notice.
  • After we received the properly perpared package, we will check an give you a report of actual state and the possiblity of issued guarantee.
  • For that, the ways of proceeding split up into the following:
    • Guarantee is issued:
      You will receive a new spare part on issued guarantee for free and pay only packing and freight.
    • No issue of guarantee:
      e. g. if no defection could be found or it is a wearing part:
 The claimed sparepart will be handled after your command.

You'll find the link to our RMA form right here:


We thank you in advance for your support.

Best Regards.


Your EHRLE Team