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Self-Service CarWash

Self-Service CarWash Systems - Brushless cleaning with ActivePower Pearl MicroPowder

The EHRLE ActivePower Pearl MicroPowder removes the dirt film by direct mechanical contact of specially developed fine micropowder beads, which are applied to the surface to be cleaned by means of a high-pressure gun with a special ceramic nozzle. The product is extremely gentle to the material, leaves no residue and also has a corrosion protection.

Single station Self-Service CarWash System - SmartWash

The single station self-service washing systems SmartWash and Smart-Wash Plus are ideal for areas with limited space. It is a perfect addition to normal everyday business, e.g. at petrol stations or workshops. The SmartWash is an economical and easy-to-use compact EHRLE single station self-service washer. The system guarantees a safe and modern car wash. Thanks to the brushless technology of the ActivePower Pearl MicroPulvers®, mixed in a high-pressure jet, dirt can be removed quickly and effectively.

Self-Service CarWash System for 1-2 washing places - JetWash

The JetWash systems are available with 4 standard washing and care programs. Optionally there is the possibility to upgrade with additional programs. The entire washing technology is housed in powder-coated stainless steel housing and both JetWash and JetWash Plus can be heated with oil, gas, district heating or electricity. Like every car wash system, JetWash car washes are equipped with a water softener. In addition, the JetWash Plus version has an 800-litre VE water tank and a reverse osmosis system. The reverse osmosis offers not only fewer water stains after washing and drying, but also a consistently high quality of washing, even with an above-average number of customers.

Self-Service CarWash System for 2-4 washing places – CarWash Plus

The CarWash systems are available with 4 standard washing and care programmes. There is an option of upgrading with additional programmes. An internal touch screen is used to display and control all important operating parameters as well as to evaluate all previous washing activities and sales. Thanks to a special frost protection system and underfloor heating of the washing areas, minus temperatures have no chance. Just like the JetWash, the CarWash contains a water softener that is twice as big as the JetWash to withstand the amount of washing places, as well as an 800l VE deionised water tank and a reverse osmosis system against annoying water stains.

For beginners in CarWash business - CompactLine

The CompactLine series is based on a modular system. Here you can assemble an individual washing system from a large number of different modules and place it in your own premises or in an EHRLE Technik container of your choice. The basic module, which supplies 2, 3 or 4 washing stations, can be supplemented at any time with an extension module, which in turn supplies 2, 3 or 4 washing stations. Thus it is possible to put together a self-service washing system with up to 8 washing places. Each module is designed for 4 wash places. If not all wash places are used, it is still possible to retrofit the module with one or more kits.

Advanced technology compact in one room - CarWash Indoor ModulLine

The individual ModulLine high-pressure pump units are installed as required in series in the designated technical room (Technik Container) and connected to the energy and water supply. In addition, hot water heating modules, storage charging modules and foam generators can be arranged in the same modular system structure. The EHRLE ModulLine system can be easily extended at any time. All modules are networked via an Ethernet/LAN connection. The washing stations communicate with the individual technique modules via a serial connection.