Made in Germany
Micropulverdosierung Micropulverdosierung

MicroPowder Dosing

Self-service vehicle washes with ActivePower Pearl MicroPowder guarantee the best wash results without the use of brushes.

A powdered cleaning agent is always freshly mixed with the high-pressure jet during cleaning. 

The perfectly tuned combination of active wash substances as well as non-ionic and anionic tensides work together with the ActivePower Pearl MicroPowder  complexing agents like thousands of little sponges guaranteeing that the vehicle surface is cleaned pore-deep in combination with hot and softened water.

Based on the basic physical rule of kinetic energy, which states that energy increases at the square of speed, the impact velocity is minimised by binding the active wash substances in molecular form to the water jet, achieving a cleaning and care result that is gentle on the paint finish.

An abrasive effect when cleaning with ActivePower Pearl MicroPowder can therefore be ruled out.

A special ceramic nozzle directs the high-pressure jet onto the surface to be cleaned.

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