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EHRLE Kundenzahlungssysteme EHRLE Kundenzahlungssysteme

Customer Payment Systems

EHRLE offers variable payment systems for all carwash customers: Cash - Chips - CarWash Customer Keys

Key System

You can offer an attractive customer loyalty system with the CarWashKey to your loyal carwash customers.

With the CarWashKey customer system, carwash customers can top up their wash keys by any amount at a key machine. You can offer any attractive customer bonus you like depending on the top-up amount.

Your customers can obtain all services cash-free by simply charging them to the CarWashKey. Customer also have the option of receiving receipts for tax purposes at the key machines.

Coin Slot

With payment using the coin checker, all carwash customers can pay for their wash simply and quickly with coins or special chips.

The coin slot accepts all pre-set and approved coins after an electronic check and activates the specified wash time.

Special credit chips with your own advertising print can also be activated at any time. Ask your responsible EHRLE CarWash sales advisor. Up to 3 different currencies with the corresponding wash times can be inserted. Each country has its own currency ID - the coins can be precisely differentiated using a cctalk protocol and recorded in the economics analysis program.

Note reader

Note readers can also be installed alongside the coin checkers. The integrated Etronic 4 board can register, operate and analyze several payment systems at the same time.

It makes sense to install note readers in countries with a relatively low coin value. The note readers have an integrated and lockable stacking box in which the notes are accurately deposited and securely stored. Access is only permitted to authorized persons. This means that manipulation can be ruled out.